What Happened to the Characters of Home Improvement

What happened to the characters of Home Improvement? This question has lingered in the minds of fans since the beloved sitcom ended in 1999.

Now, years later, we have the opportunity to explore the lives of our favorite characters and satisfy our curiosity about what became of them. In this article, we will take a trip down memory lane and delve into the post-Home Improvement journeys of Tim Taylor, Jill Taylor, Brad Taylor, Randy Taylor, Mark Taylor, Al Borland, Wilson Wilson Jr., Heidi Keppert, and even catch up with actress Debbie Dunning, who portrayed the iconic “Tool Time” girl, Heidi Keppert.

Home Improvement was more than just a TV show; it was a cultural phenomenon that captured our hearts with its humor and relatable family dynamics. Tim “The Toolman” Taylor became an endearing symbol of the bumbling but lovable husband and father figure. But what happened to him after the series finale? Did he continue his tool-driven antics or turn over a new leaf?

Jill Taylor was not just a homemaker but also a powerhouse in her own right. What path did her life take once she bid farewell to her role as a full-time mom? And what about their children – Brad, Randy, and Mark?

Did they find success beyond their suburban upbringing? These are just some of the questions we aim to answer as we dive into the lives of these beloved characters from Home Improvement. Stay tuned for an extensive exploration of their fates beyond our TV screens.

Tim Taylor

Throughout the run of “Home Improvement,” Tim Taylor was renowned for his bumbling yet lovable nature. As the host of the fictional show “Tool Time” and a father to three mischievous boys, Tim brought laughter into our homes every week. But what became of this beloved character after the show ended?

After the curtain fell on “Home Improvement,” Tim Taylor’s career continued to flourish. In true tool-loving fashion, he transitioned from television to a successful career as a home improvement expert and author. Utilizing his vast knowledge and experience, Tim authored several books that provided practical advice and tips for everyday homeowners. His wit and charm translated well in print as readers were eager to soak up his DIY wisdom.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Tim also found fulfillment in his personal life. With Jill by his side, their marriage stood the test of time. Together, they embarked on various home renovation projects, showcasing their knack for turning houses into dream homes. And with their children all grown up and pursuing their own paths, Tim finally had ample time to devote to honing his handyman skills and indulging in his passion for cars.

Life after “Home Improvement” brought numerous opportunities for Tim Taylor, proving that even though he may have been a bumbling handyman on screen, there was nothing stopping him from excelling in the real world.

Jill Taylor

Jill Taylor, portrayed by actress Patricia Richardson, was not just the supportive wife and loving mother on “Home Improvement.” Throughout the series, Jill proved that she was more than just a homemaker. Her character evolved into a powerhouse, demonstrating her intelligence and determination. After the end of “Home Improvement,” Jill continued to pursue her passions and make an impact in the world.

  • Post-“Home Improvement,” Jill Taylor took her passion for education to new heights. She went back to school and earned a master’s degree in psychology. With her newfound knowledge and expertise, Jill became a successful family therapist, specializing in relationship counseling. Her warm and caring nature made her an exceptional counselor, allowing her to help numerous individuals and families overcome their struggles.

Not only did Jill excel in her career, but she also became actively involved in philanthropy. Drawing inspiration from her experiences as a mother and a therapist, Jill founded a non-profit organization that provided resources and support to single parents. Through this organization, she offered counseling services, educational programs, and financial assistance to help single parents thrive.

  • Jill Taylor’s journey post-“Home Improvement” showcased not only her personal growth but also how she used her skills and compassion to benefit others. By becoming a family therapist and starting a non-profit organization for single parents, Jill epitomized strength and resilience, inspiring those around her to strive for greatness.
    The legacy of Jill Taylor lives on as she continues to make a difference in the lives of others long after the show has ended.
  • Jill Taylor earned a master’s degree in psychology
  • She became a successful family therapist
  • Jill founded a non-profit organization for single parents

Brad Taylor

Brad Taylor, the middle child of the Taylor family, captured the hearts of teenage viewers as the charming and rebellious heartthrob on “Home Improvement.” But what became of Brad after the show ended? Did he continue to pursue a career in acting or did he find success in another field altogether?

After his time on “Home Improvement,” Brad Taylor, played by actor Zachery Ty Bryan, decided to step away from the world of acting and instead chose to focus on his education and personal life. Despite his initial success on the show, Bryan made a conscious decision to prioritize other aspects of his life over pursuing fame and fortune in Hollywood.

Following his departure from the entertainment industry, Brad Taylor shifted gears and pursued a successful career as an entrepreneur. Drawing inspiration from his character’s love for sports on “Home Improvement,” Bryan founded a company specializing in designing and building customized workout equipment for athletes. The venture proved to be a true passion project for him, allowing him to combine his entrepreneurial skills with his lifelong love for fitness.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Brad also experienced personal growth during this time. He got married and later became a father, embracing his role as a dedicated family man. Although he may no longer be gracing our television screens with his youthful charm, Zachery Ty Bryan’s journey beyond “Home Improvement” showcases that success can come in many different forms, whether it be through entrepreneurship or building a loving family.

Randy Taylor

College Years and Disappearance

In the beloved sitcom “Home Improvement,” Randy Taylor, portrayed by actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas, was known as the rebellious middle child who often challenged his parents’ authority. However, as the series progressed, Randy’s character grew and developed into a more complex individual.

After high school, Randy went on to pursue higher education. He was offered a scholarship to attend a prestigious university out of state, which provided him with an opportunity to explore his academic interests further. While attending college, Randy continued to rebel against societal norms and embrace his independent spirit. His passion for learning led him to excel academically and allowed him to expand his horizons beyond the confines of suburban life.

Unfortunately, fans were left disappointed when Randy unexpectedly disappeared from the show during its eighth season. Although no official explanation was ever given within the storyline for his absence, it is widely speculated that Jonathan Taylor Thomas left the series to focus on other projects and continue his education.

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Randy’s Return: A Glimpse into His Adult Life

Even though Randy’s character abruptly departed from “Home Improvement,” it is fascinating to imagine where life may have taken this rebellious teenager. After leaving college, Randy likely embarked on a journey of self-discovery and exploration. He may have traveled extensively or pursued various career opportunities in different fields.

As time passed, there is reason to believe that Randy eventually found his calling in something he was truly passionate about. Perhaps he became an environmentalist fighting for causes he believed in or a journalist documenting stories that needed to be told. Whatever path he chose, it is evident that Randy’s intelligence and curiosity would have propelled him towards success in any endeavor.

The Legacy Left Behind

Randy Taylor will forever be remembered as an integral part of “Home Improvement” and an essential member of the Taylor family. Throughout the series, Randy’s rebellious nature served as an important catalyst for personal growth and family dynamics. His character arc resonated with viewers who could relate to his desire for independence and constant search for his identity.

As fans reflect on the legacy of “Home Improvement,” they fondly remember Randy Taylor as the rebellious teenager who defied expectations and challenged the status quo. While the show may have ended over two decades ago, Randy’s rebellion continues to inspire viewers to embrace their individuality and pursue their passions fearlessly.

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor, the youngest son of Tim and Jill Taylor on “Home Improvement,” may have been the quietest character on the show, but his life beyond the sitcom was anything but silent. While Mark’s character often portrayed a shy and introverted personality, actor Taran Noah Smith has since revealed a path that diverged greatly from his on-screen persona.

Following the conclusion of “Home Improvement,” Smith made headlines for various reasons. Firstly, he legally emancipated from his parents at the age of 17, citing an acrimonious relationship with his father as one of the main reasons. This decision shocked fans who were used to seeing him as a soft-spoken and obedient son on screen.

In addition to his legal emancipation, Smith also made headlines for his unconventional career choices. Instead of pursuing acting like some of his former co-stars, he shifted gears and ventured into the world of sustainable farming. In 2005, he founded a non-profit organization called Playfood that aimed to educate children about healthy eating and organic farming practices.

Nowadays, it seems that Smith has stepped away from both Hollywood and farming. He has maintained a low profile in recent years and has chosen to lead a more private life out of the public eye. Despite being behind silent walls for much of his post-“Home Improvement” life, Mark Taylor’s journey is a testament to the unpredictable paths that actors can take after leaving beloved TV shows.

Age at Legal Emancipation17
Career ShiftSustainable Farming
Non-Profit Organization FoundedPlayfood

Al Borland

Al’s Successful Career in Construction

Throughout the run of “Home Improvement,” Al Borland, played by Richard Karn, often served as the voice of reason and Tim Taylor’s loyal sidekick. While Tim was known for his comedic mishaps and over-the-top personality, Al was the steady and knowledgeable co-host of the fictional show “Tool Time”.

After the series ended, Al’s career in construction continued to flourish. Following his time on “Home Improvement,” Karn himself went on to host several home improvement and renovation shows, showcasing his real-life knowledge in the field. He became a trusted expert in the industry and gained a dedicated following of fans who appreciated his expertise and affable nature.

Al Borland’s Personal Life

In terms of Al Borland’s personal life, not much is known beyond his time on “Home Improvement.” Throughout the series, he often mentioned having a serious girlfriend named Ilene Markham. However, it is unclear whether their relationship lasted after the show ended. Fans have often speculated about what happened between Al and Ilene, but no concrete information has surfaced.

One thing that fans do know is that despite being portrayed as single throughout most of the series, Al did find love later in life. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Richard Karn revealed that he believes Al eventually found happiness with someone who appreciated him for who he truly was. However, he chose to keep details about this new love interest private.

The Legacy of Al Borland

Al Borland remains one of the most memorable characters from “Home Improvement” due to Richard Karn’s skillful portrayal. His calm demeanor and sincerity provided a perfect counterbalance to Tim Taylor’s antics. The character’s dedication to his craft and unwavering loyalty left a lasting impact on audiences.

While there may be no official continuation or spin-off centered around Al Borland, fans will always remember him fondly as the reliable sidekick who helped bring joy and laughter into their homes. The character’s legacy lives on through reruns of “Home Improvement” and the enduring popularity of Richard Karn as an actor and television personality.

Wilson Wilson Jr.

Throughout the nine seasons of “Home Improvement,” Wilson Wilson Jr., Tim Taylor’s eccentric and wise next-door neighbor, provided valuable advice and insights to both Tim and his family. After the show ended, fans have often wondered what became of the enigmatic neighbor and if he continued sharing his wisdom with others.

In later years, Wilson Wilson Jr. pursued a career in academia and became a beloved professor at a local university. Known for his vast knowledge on various subjects, he shared his wisdom with students eager to learn from him. Many former students fondly remember Wilson as someone who not only imparted knowledge but also encouraged critical thinking and personal growth.

Beyond his professional life, Wilson continued to pursue his passion for nature and environmental conservation. He dedicated much of his time to volunteering at local nature reserves, advocating for sustainable practices, and educating others about the importance of preserving our environment. His deep connection with nature remained an integral part of his life even after the show ended.

In addition to his work and environmental efforts, Wilson enjoyed spending time with loved ones. He maintained close relationships with many members of the Taylor family, often hosting gatherings in his backyard where he would share stories and words of wisdom gathered from all corners of the world. Those lucky enough to be in his company always left feeling inspired and enlightened.

Overall, it is clear that throughout the years, Wilson’s character grew beyond being just a neighbor to becoming a true pillar of wisdom in the community. Whether it was through teaching, advocating for the environment, or simply being there for those around him, Wilson continued to inspire others even long after “Home Improvement” ended.

ProfessionBeloved professor at a local university
PassionNature and environmental conservation
HobbiesHosting gatherings, sharing stories and words of wisdom

Heidi Keppert

Heidi Keppert, played by actress Debbie Dunning, captured the hearts of “Home Improvement” fans as the charming and talented Girl Next Door on the show-within-a-show, “Tool Time.” As a recurring character in the later seasons, Heidi brought humor and warmth to the screen with her interactions with Tim Allen’s character, Tim Taylor. After the show ended in 1999, many fans wondered what became of Heidi and where she is now.

Following her time on “Home Improvement,” Debbie Dunning continued to work in both film and television. She appeared in various TV shows such as “Pacific Blue” and “Wicked Wicked Games,” as well as films like “Leprechaun 4: In Space” and “The Spiral Staircase.” Dunning also made several guest appearances on popular shows like “Baywatch” and “Married with Children”.

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However, acting was not Dunning’s only passion. In addition to her successful entertainment career, she has also pursued other interests such as fitness. Since leaving “Home Improvement,” Dunning has become a fitness enthusiast and has even created her own line of workout equipment called DebbeFit. She shares her fitness journey and exercise tips on social media platforms, inspiring others to lead healthy lifestyles.

Pacific Blue2000
Wicked Wicked Games2006-2007
Leprechaun 4: In Space1997
The Spiral Staircase2000
Married with Children1997

In addition to her successful career in entertainment and fitness, Dunning has also embraced motherhood. She has two children, a daughter named Spencer Schae and a son named Stony Schae. Dunning often shares glimpses of her family life on social media, giving fans a peek into her role as a devoted mother.

As for Heidi Keppert’s whereabouts, while the character’s fate was left unknown in the “Home Improvement” series finale, fans can take comfort in knowing that Debbie Dunning continues to thrive both personally and professionally. From her successful acting career to her passion for fitness and dedication to motherhood, she remains an inspiration to many.

Debbie Dunning

Debbie Dunning rose to fame as the iconic “Tool Time” Girl, Heidi Keppert, on the hit sitcom “Home Improvement.” Her role as the attractive and knowledgeable assistant to Tim Taylor and Al Borland made her a fan favorite during the show’s run from 1991 to 1999. While many wondered what became of Heidi after the series ended, it is worth catching up with Debbie Dunning herself to see what she has been up to in recent years.

Life after “Home Improvement”

After “Home Improvement,” Debbie Dunning continued to work in the entertainment industry, both in front of and behind the camera. She appeared in several television shows such as “Wicked Wicked Games” and “Married with Children.” Additionally, she made guest appearances on popular game shows like “American Gladiators” and even competed on reality shows like “The Price is Right”.

In recent years, Dunning has taken a step back from acting and focused more on other aspects of her career. She has become a successful businesswoman, launching her own line of clothing called Debbe-est by Debbe Dunning. The brand offers a range of fashionable apparel for women of all ages.

Giving Back and Personal Life

Aside from her professional endeavors, Debbie Dunning also devotes time to charitable causes. She is actively involved with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, helping build homes for those in need. Giving back has always been important to her, and she continues to use her platform to make a positive impact on society.

On a personal note, Debbie Dunning is happily married to Steve Timmons, a former Olympic volleyball player. They have three children together and enjoy spending time outdoors and traveling as a family.

Overall, while Heidi Keppert may not have had an official send-off on screen when “Home Improvement” ended, Debbie Dunning has embraced new opportunities and continued to thrive in her career and personal life. Her versatility and drive have allowed her to transition into different ventures while remaining a beloved figure in the hearts of “Home Improvement” fans.


As we come to the end of our exploration into the lives of our beloved “Home Improvement” characters, it is with a sense of nostalgia and bittersweetness that we say goodbye. We have followed Tim Taylor’s evolution from a bumbling handyman to a wise and experienced father figure.

Jill Taylor has shown us that she is not just a homemaker, but a powerhouse who has carved her own path to success. Brad Taylor transformed from a teen heartthrob into a star athlete, while Randy Taylor rebelled in his own unique way beyond the white picket fence.

Mark Taylor, though silent, had an enigmatic life beyond “Home Improvement,” reminding us that sometimes the quietest voices carry the greatest depth. Al Borland remained ever loyal as Tim’s sidekick, tracking his career and personal life with admiration. Wilson Wilson Jr., the wise neighbor, taught us countless lessons throughout the show and continued imparting his wisdom in later years.

And let us not forget Heidi Keppert, the girl next door who made an impact on every viewer’s heart. We have traced her transformation over time and uncovered her whereabouts as she navigated her own path in life. And finally, we caught up with Debbie Dunning, the actress behind Heidi Keppert’s iconic role on “Tool Time”.

As we reflect on the legacy of “Home Improvement” and the lives led by its characters, we remember why this show had such a profound impact on viewers around the world. It brought laughter, warmth, and valuable life lessons into our homes week after week. The characters became like family to many of us, teaching us about love, friendship, and perseverance.

Though we may never know what truly happened to these beloved characters beyond their fictional world, their influence will forever remain in our hearts. So here’s to Tim Taylor’s grunts and tool mishaps; Jill Taylor’s fierce determination; Brad Taylor’s journey to success; Randy Taylor’s rebellion within reason; Mark Taylor’s quiet strength; Al Borland’s loyalty; Wilson Wilson Jr.’s wise counsel, and Heidi Keppert’s contagious smile.

Thank you, “Home Improvement,” for giving us memories that will last a lifetime. Farewell to our favorite characters, but we will always hold them dear in our hearts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Home Improvement kid got in trouble?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who played the middle child Randy Taylor on Home Improvement, found himself in some trouble during his time on the show. As a young actor thrust into the spotlight, Jonathan had to navigate the challenges of fame while portraying a beloved character on a hit television series.

Like many child stars, he faced pressure and scrutiny, leading him to make some questionable decisions. He eventually left Home Improvement before its final season to focus on his education and personal growth.

What happened to the cast of Home Improvement?

The cast of Home Improvement has gone their separate ways since the show’s end in 1999, but they have remained active within the entertainment industry. Tim Allen, who played the lead role of Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, continued his successful acting career with roles in movies such as The Santa Clause trilogy and Toy Story franchise.

Patricia Richardson, who portrayed Tim’s wife Jill Taylor on the show, appeared in various television films and series after Home Improvement. Similarly, other cast members like Richard Karn (Al Borland) and Earl Hindman (Wilson Wilson Jr.) continued to act in both film and television projects.

What are the boys from Home Improvement doing these days?

The boys from Home Improvement, Zachery Ty Bryan (Brad Taylor), Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Randy Taylor), and Taran Noah Smith (Mark Taylor), have each pursued different paths since their time on the show. Zachery Ty Bryan went on to appear in a few films and TV shows but eventually transitioned into producing and entrepreneurship. Jonathan Taylor Thomas took a step back from acting after leaving Home Improvement and focused on academics by attending Harvard University.

While he has occasionally returned to acting for guest appearances, Thomas has primarily stayed out of the public eye in recent years. As for Taran Noah Smith, he decided to retire from acting after Home Improvement and moved away from Hollywood altogether. Instead, he ventured into various business endeavors outside of the entertainment industry.

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