Who Was the Middle Son on Home Improvement

In the vast landscape of 90s sitcoms, one show reigned supreme as a true fan favorite – “Home Improvement.” The series, which aired from 1991 to 1999, followed the misadventures of Tim Taylor, a bungling but lovable TV show host known as “Tool Time” and his ever-supportive wife Jill. While the show’s main characters captured audiences’ attention, there was one character who often stood out – the middle son.

When it comes to family dynamics, middle children often find themselves caught between older sibling dominance and younger sibling attention-seeking. Such was the case for Brad Taylor, played by actor Zachery Ty Bryan. As the middle son in the Taylor family, Brad had his fair share of both humorous and heartfelt moments throughout the series.

In this article, we’ll delve into who exactly Brad Taylor was on “Home Improvement” and how his position as the middle child shaped his character development. From exploring his unique personality traits to examining his relationships with his siblings, we’ll uncover what made Brad such a memorable and beloved character. Join us for a trip down nostalgia lane as we dive into the world of “Home Improvement” and discover just who Brad Taylor truly was.

Meet Brad Taylor

Brad Taylor, played by actor Zachery Ty Bryan, was a central character in the popular 90s sitcom “Home Improvement.” As the middle son of the Taylor family, Brad’s character brought a unique dynamic to the show. With his boyish charm and mischievous nature, Brad quickly became a fan-favorite among viewers.

In “Home Improvement,” Brad was portrayed as an average teenager navigating the challenges of adolescence while trying to find his place within the family unit. He was known for his good looks, athletic abilities, and love for sports. These qualities not only made him relatable to many young viewers but also created interesting storylines and conflicts throughout the series.

One of Brad’s defining characteristics was his determination to stand out and assert his independence amid his older brother Randy’s shadow and younger brother Mark’s innocence. Throughout the show, Brad often found himself striving for attention or recognition from his family members and peers. This desire for affirmation fueled many of Brad’s actions and led to both humorous and poignant moments on “Home Improvement”.

Overall, Brad Taylor’s character brought a light-heartedness and charisma to “Home Improvement” that contributed greatly to its success. Through his relatable journey as the middle child, portrayed brilliantly by Zachery Ty Bryan, audiences were able to witness the comedic challenges and personal growth that came with finding one’s identity in a bustling household.

Brad’s Role in the Family

Brad Taylor, portrayed by actor Zachery Ty Bryan, played a crucial role as the middle child in the Taylor family on the sitcom “Home Improvement.” As the second-born of three boys, Brad often found himself navigating between the responsibilities of an older sibling and the desire to stand out from his younger brother. This unique position shaped Brad’s character development throughout the show and provided interesting dynamics within the Taylor family.

Being sandwiched between his older brother Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and younger brother Mark (Taran Noah Smith), Brad often struggled to find his own identity. He yearned for individuality and recognition, which resulted in an ongoing battle for attention among the siblings. Brad’s middle child syndrome often drove him to take risks or seek validation through mischievous acts or absurd fashion statements.

Throughout “Home Improvement,” Brad’s position as a middle child had a significant impact on his relationships with both his older and younger brothers. With Randy being viewed as more intelligent and Mark being considered cute and innocent, Brad constantly felt overshadowed. This created a dynamic where he sought ways to assert himself, whether it was trying out different hobbies or finding opportunities to showcase his talents outside of school.

Brad TaylorThe middle child in the Taylor family.
Birth OrderSecond-born among three boys.
DynamicsFrequently struggled for attention and recognition; sought to establish his own identity.

Brad’s Personality and Traits

Brad Taylor, the middle son on “Home Improvement,” was a character known for his distinct personality traits and quirks that made him a memorable part of the sitcom. Brad, played by actor Zachery Ty Bryan, brought energy and comedic moments to the show with his mischievous nature and love for pranks.

One of Brad’s defining personality traits was his mischievous nature. Throughout the series, he was often seen pulling pranks on family members and friends, particularly targeting his older brother Randy. His playful and sometimes reckless behavior added an element of comedy to many episodes as viewers eagerly anticipated what prank Brad would come up with next.

In addition to being mischievous, Brad was also known for his charm and good looks. He often used these qualities to his advantage when it came to pursuing romantic relationships. Despite getting into occasional conflicts with his siblings, Brad had a charismatic personality that allowed him to win over people easily.

Another memorable trait of Brad’s character was his love for sports. Throughout the series, Brad displayed a passion for various athletic activities, including basketball and soccer. His athleticism often served as a point of contention between him and his brothers Randy and Mark, as they occasionally felt overshadowed or overlooked due to Brad’s sporting achievements.

Overall, Brad’s unique personality traits and quirks made him an entertaining character on “Home Improvement.” From his mischievous nature to his charm and love for sports, he left a lasting impression on viewers who followed the Taylor family’s journey throughout the series.

Personality TraitsQuirks
MischievousFrequently pulled pranks
CharmingUsed charm in pursuit of romantic relationships
AthleticPassionate about sports, particularly basketball and soccer

Brad’s Relationship with His Siblings

Sibling Rivalry

One of the key dynamics in Brad Taylor’s life on “Home Improvement” was his relationship with his two brothers, Randy and Mark. As the middle child, Brad often found himself caught in the middle of their conflicts and disagreements. The show frequently delved into issues of sibling rivalry between the three Taylor brothers, creating both comedic and heartfelt moments.

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Throughout the series, Brad often clashed with Randy, his older brother. This rivalry stemmed from their differing personalities and interests. While Brad was portrayed as more athletic and popular, Randy was depicted as intelligent and academically inclined. Their differing strengths often led to jealousy and competition between them.

Brad’s relationship with Mark, his younger brother, was also explored on “Home Improvement.” Despite their age difference, Brad had a protective instinct towards Mark and would often look out for him. However, there were times when they clashed due to their contrasting personalities. Mark was portrayed as sensitive and reserved, which sometimes made it difficult for Brad to relate to him.


Despite their conflicts, the Taylor brothers also shared many moments of camaraderie throughout the show. They formed a bond through shared experiences growing up in the same household with parents Tim and Jill Taylor (played by Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson). These moments allowed them to showcase their love for each other underneath all the bickering.

As fans watched Brad navigate his relationships with his siblings, they were able to see how these interactions shaped his character growth on “Home Improvement.” The portrayal of realistic sibling dynamics added depth and relatability to Brad’s journey on the show.

Brad’s Love Interests

Brad Taylor, the middle son on “Home Improvement,” had his fair share of romantic relationships throughout the series. One notable love interest was his on-again, off-again girlfriend Ashley, played by actress Maureen McCormick. Brad’s relationship with Ashley served as a significant storyline throughout the show, showcasing the ups and downs of young love.

Ashley and Brad’s relationship often reflected the typical teenage romance, filled with arguments, jealousy, and reconciliations. Their on-again, off-again status kept viewers hooked, wondering if they would eventually end up together. Despite their differences and occasional breakups, Brad and Ashley’s deep connection always seemed to bring them back together.

In addition to his relationship with Ashley, Brad encountered other love interests throughout the series. Notable encounters include Jennifer Sudarsky, whom he briefly dated in high school before breaking up due to conflicting interests; and Angela Delvecchio, an older woman who caught Brad’s attention but ultimately proved to be too intense for him.

These various romantic relationships showcased different sides of Brad’s character and allowed him to navigate the complexities of young love. Whether it was exploring first love with Ashley or experimenting with different dating experiences, Brad developed emotionally through these relationships. They provided opportunities for growth and self-discovery as he matured throughout the show.

Overall, Brad Taylor’s love interests added depth to his character on “Home Improvement” and contributed to the realistic portrayal of teenage life. These storylines not only entertained viewers but also highlighted the challenges and triumphs that come with navigating relationships during adolescence.

Brad’s Journey and Storylines

Throughout the series, Brad Taylor’s character evolved and faced various challenges that shaped his journey on “Home Improvement.” One of the central aspects of Brad’s storyline was his passion for sports. As the middle son, Brad showcased his athleticism through football, basketball, and other physical activities. His desire to excel in sports often brought him both triumphs and setbacks, adding depth to his character.

In addition to his athletic pursuits, Brad also had a strong interest in education. Despite not always being portrayed as an academic achiever like his younger brother Mark, Brad continuously strived to do well in school. Viewers witnessed his dedication to his studies and witnessed opportunities for growth in this area. This aspect of his character revealed a determination to balance his love for sports with a commitment to education.

Brad’s journey wasn’t without its share of challenges either. Like many teenage boys growing up, he struggled with issues related to personal identity and self-confidence. These struggles were not only relatable but also allowed viewers to see him grow from a naive young boy into a more self-assured young man. Throughout the series’ run, Brad’s storylines mirrored some real-life situations that teenagers face, providing an authentic representation of adolescence.

Furthermore, Brad faced several relationship obstacles throughout the show. From dealing with heartbreaks to navigating romantic dilemmas with girls he liked or dated, these experiences contributed to the complexity of Brad’s character on “Home Improvement.” They allowed viewers to witness how he matured emotionally and learned valuable lessons about love and relationships.

Overall, Brad Taylor’s journey on “Home Improvement” was multi-faceted and filled with growth opportunities. His aspirations in sports and education added layers of complexity to his character development as he navigated the challenges of being a teenager while also finding his place in the Taylor family. Brad’s storylines resonated with viewers, making him a beloved and relatable character on the popular sitcom.

Brad’s Departure

In season 8 of “Home Improvement,” fans were hit with the surprising departure of Brad Taylor, played by Zachery Ty Bryan. The decision to write out Brad’s character was a significant development that had an undeniable impact on both the overall storyline and dedicated viewers of the show.

Brad’s exit from “Home Improvement” was a result of actor Zachery Ty Bryan’s desire to pursue other opportunities outside of the sitcom. This departure marked a turning point for the Taylor family dynamics, as Brad had played a pivotal role in many storylines throughout the series. His absence left a void that needed to be filled, which led to changes in subsequent episodes.

One notable effect of Brad’s departure on the storyline was the shift in focus towards his younger brother Mark. With Brad no longer present, Mark took on a more prominent role within the Taylor family dynamic, assuming some of Brad’s responsibilities as the middle child.

This change allowed for new storylines to develop and provided viewers with an opportunity to further explore Mark’s character growth and personal journey. Additionally, this shift also paved the way for greater exploration into Tim Taylor’s relationship with his two remaining sons.

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As for fans of the show, Brad’s departure left many feeling nostalgic and longing for his presence. Over six seasons, viewers had grown attached to this beloved character and his often hilarious interactions with his family members. The absence of his witty banter and mischievous nature was definitely felt by fans who had come to appreciate Brad as an integral part of “Home Improvement”.

The departure also sparked curiosity among fans about how Bryan’s exit would be addressed within the narrative framework of “Home Improvement.” Writers skillfully crafted a storyline that explained Brad’s sudden absence: he left home to go on an archaeological dig in Peru after winning a scholarship. While this explanation provided closure for Brad’s character, it didn’t completely fill the void his departure left in the hearts of loyal viewers.

Despite Brad’s departure, “Home Improvement” continued to captivate audiences with its relatable family dynamics and comedic moments. The impact of his absence was undeniable, but it also allowed the show to explore different storylines and further develop other characters. Ultimately, Brad Taylor’s departure from “Home Improvement” marked a significant turning point in the series that both surprised and saddened fans, while also providing new opportunities for growth and development within the show’s narrative.

Zachery Ty Bryan’s Career After “Home Improvement”

After his time on “Home Improvement,” Zachery Ty Bryan continued to pursue a career in acting and entertainment. While he may be best known for his role as Brad Taylor, Bryan’s career has expanded beyond his time on the popular 90s sitcom.

Following the end of “Home Improvement” in 1999, Bryan took on various roles in both television and film. One of his notable projects was the 2006 film “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift,” where he played the character Clay. He also appeared in other films such as “Smallville” and “Pandemic”.

In addition to his work in front of the camera, Bryan has also taken on behind-the-scenes roles. He has worked as a producer on several projects, including the documentary film “Cavemen Reborn.” This demonstrates that Bryan has not only continued to act but has also expanded his skill set within the industry.

Beyond acting and producing, Bryan has also made appearances on reality television shows. He competed on the reality series “Celebrity Family Feud” in 2015 and later appeared on an episode of “Last Man Standing,” a show created by Tim Allen, who played his father on “Home Improvement”.

Overall, Zachery Ty Bryan’s career after “Home Improvement” showcases his versatility as an actor and willingness to explore different avenues within the entertainment industry. While he will always be remembered as Brad Taylor from the beloved sitcom, it is evident that Bryan’s talent extends far beyond that iconic role.


In conclusion, Brad Taylor’s journey on “Home Improvement” was a significant and memorable one. As the middle son in the Taylor family, Brad faced unique challenges and opportunities for character development throughout the show. He brought a distinct personality and charm to the beloved sitcom, making him a fan favorite.

Throughout the series, Brad showcased his individuality through his unique personality traits and quirks. From his love for sports to his passion for education, Brad’s multidimensional character resonated with viewers of all ages. His relationship dynamics with his siblings also added depth to his character, as he navigated both conflicts and camaraderie with older brother Randy and younger brother Mark.

Brad’s romantic relationships were also a notable aspect of his character arc. His on-again, off-again girlfriend Ashley provided an ongoing storyline that kept fans invested in their love story. Additionally, Brad’s aspirations in sports and education provided opportunities for growth and personal development as he pursued his dreams.

Although Brad’s departure from “Home Improvement” marked a significant turning point in the show’s storyline, it also opened doors for new storylines and character arcs to unfold. While fans may have been sad to see him go, actor Zachery Ty Bryan continued to forge a successful career beyond the sitcom.

Ultimately, Brad Taylor will always be remembered as an integral part of “Home Improvement.” His journey depicted the ups and downs of being a middle child in a relatable and humorous way. From his standout personality traits to his relationships with his siblings and romantic interests, Brad left a lasting impression on both the Taylor family and viewers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the middle son on Home Improvement?

On Home Improvement, the middle son, Randy Taylor, played by actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas, had his character written out of the show in its eighth season. This departure was attributed to the actor’s desire to focus on his education and pursue other opportunities outside of television.

The storyline for his exit involved Randy leaving to study abroad in Costa Rica to participate in an environmental research program.

Why did the middle child leave Home Improvement?

The middle child of Home Improvement, Randy Taylor, left the show primarily due to actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ decision to prioritize his education and explore other interests. As he grew older and more academically inclined, Jonathan wanted to dedicate more time to school and broaden his horizons beyond acting.

Thus, he made the choice to depart from Home Improvement to pursue higher education opportunities while continuing with occasional acting roles.

Who played the sons on Home Improvement?

The sons on Home Improvement were played by a talented cast of actors. Brad Taylor, the eldest son, was portrayed by Zachery Ty Bryan who brought energy and charm to the role. Randy Taylor, the middle son known for his wit and intelligence, was played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas who became a beloved heartthrob during the show’s run.

Lastly, Mark Taylor – the youngest child who started as a quiet character before evolving into someone more complex – was portrayed by Taran Noah Smith. These young actors each brought their unique talents and personalities to their respective roles on Home Improvement, contributing to the show’s overall success.

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