When Does Home Improvement Come on Tv

Home improvement shows have become a phenomenon in the world of television, captivating audiences with their practical tips, inspiring transformations, and entertaining personalities. From classic favorites to modern hits, these shows have captured the hearts of viewers around the world. But what is it about these programs that make them so popular? In this article, we will delve into the world of home improvement shows, exploring their origins, variety, behind-the-scenes production, and impact on the industry.

The rise of home improvement shows can be traced back to a time when people began to take a keen interest in renovating and transforming their own homes. This fascination with DIY projects and home makeovers paved the way for a new genre on television that provided inspiration and guidance to viewers looking to improve their living spaces.

From humble beginnings in the mid-20th century to today’s vast array of programs, home improvement shows have evolved into a cultural phenomenon that continues to captivate audiences.

Throughout the years, there have been numerous iconic home improvement shows that have left an indelible mark on television history. From Bob Vila’s “This Old House” to the beloved sitcom “Home Improvement,” these shows have become household names. As we explore the classics alongside modern favorites like “Fixer Upper” and “Property Brothers,” we gain insight into how this genre has evolved over time and what makes these shows so appealing.

Get ready to dive deeper into the fascinating world of home improvement shows as we delve into topics such as different types of programs, behind-the-scenes production secrets, and how TV has influenced our choices when it comes to renovating our own homes. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply curious about this popular genre, this article promises to provide an insightful look at why home improvement shows continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

The origin and rise of home improvement shows

Home improvement shows have become a staple on television, captivating audiences with their mix of entertainment, inspiration, and practical knowledge. But where did this trend begin? The history of home improvement shows traces back to the early days of television, when DIY (do-it-yourself) projects and renovations started gaining popularity.

One of the earliest instances of a home improvement show can be traced back to the 1950s, with Bob Vila hosting “This Old House.” The show focused on renovating old houses, providing viewers with valuable tips and tricks for their own projects. This laid the foundation for future home improvement shows and established a template that many others would follow.

In the 1990s, home improvement shows surged in popularity with an influx of new programs hitting the airwaves. Shows like “Trading Spaces” and “Changing Rooms” introduced a competitive element by featuring homeowners swapping houses to redecorate each other’s spaces. These shows showcased different design styles and created a sense of anticipation as viewers eagerly awaited the big reveals.

As technology advanced, so did the format of home improvement shows. The rise of reality TV brought an even wider variety to the genre. Shows like “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” combined emotional storytelling with dramatic transformations, tugging at heartstrings while showcasing jaw-dropping renovations.

1950sThis Old HouseA show focusing on renovating old houses.
1990sTrading SpacesHomeowners swapping spaces to redecorate each other’s homes.
2000sExtreme Makeover: Home EditionDramatic transformations of deserving families’ homes.

The origin and rise of home improvement shows demonstrate the enduring appeal of these programs. From DIY tips to emotional renovations, these shows have captured the imagination and interest of viewers for decades. As technology advances and new formats emerge, it will be fascinating to see how home improvement shows continue to evolve in the future.

Popular home improvement shows throughout the years

Popular home improvement shows have been a staple on television for decades, captivating audiences with their mix of renovation inspiration, insightful tips, and entertaining hosts. From the classics to the modern favorites, these shows continue to resonate with viewers seeking ideas and guidance for their own home improvement projects.

One of the earliest and most iconic home improvement shows is “This Old House,” which first premiered in 1979. Hosted by master carpenter Norm Abram and expert plumber Richard Trethewey, the show focused on restoring antique homes and educating viewers about the intricacies of renovation. “This Old House” paved the way for future home improvement shows, establishing a format that combined instruction with personal storytelling.

Another notable classic is “Trading Spaces,” which aired from 2000 to 2008. The show featured two sets of neighbors who would swap homes for a weekend and redecorate a room in each other’s house. This innovative concept showcased the creativity of everyday people while providing valuable design ideas for viewers at home. “Trading Spaces” also introduced well-known designers such as Genevieve Gorder and Vern Yip to a wider audience.

In recent years, there has been an explosion of new home improvement shows that offer diverse perspectives and approaches to renovation. One such show is “Fixer Upper,” starring Chip and Joanna Gaines. Their rustic farmhouse style has resonated with viewers, making them household names in the world of home improvement.

Another popular show is “Property Brothers,” featuring twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott who help individuals find and transform fixer-upper properties. These shows not only provide viewers with design inspiration but also showcase different strategies for maximizing value in real estate.

Overall, home improvement shows have come a long way since their inception, evolving to meet changing tastes and preferences while remaining relevant in today’s media landscape. Whether it’s watching classic episodes or staying up-to-date with the latest renovation trends, these shows continue to ignite our passion for transforming our living spaces. By combining entertainment and education, they have become an indispensable source of inspiration for homeowners worldwide.

The different types of home improvement shows

Home improvement shows have become a staple in the television industry, captivating audiences with their transformational projects and expert advice. One of the reasons for their enduring popularity is the variety of formats and themes they offer. From DIY shows that empower viewers to tackle renovations themselves, to expert-led series showcasing high-end makeovers, there is something for everyone’s taste and skill level.

DIY home improvement shows have gained immense popularity over the years, as they provide viewers with step-by-step instructions on how to complete various projects. These shows often feature everyday people working on their own homes, making them relatable and inspiring for viewers who want to take on similar projects. Popular DIY shows include “Property Brothers” and “Fixer Upper,” where hosts guide homeowners through the process of buying, renovating, and transforming properties into their dream homes.

On the other end of the spectrum are expert-led home improvement shows, where skilled professionals take charge of major renovations. These programs showcase stunning transformations of both residential and commercial spaces, offering viewers a glimpse into luxurious interior design and architectural craftsmanship. Shows like “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and “Flip or Flop” highlight the expertise of designers, contractors, and real estate investors as they work their magic.

In addition to these two main categories, there are also specialized home improvement shows that focus on specific aspects or styles of renovation. Some examples include gardening shows that help viewers create beautiful outdoor spaces or design-based programs that inspire viewers with the latest trends in interior decor.

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Table: Examples of Different Types of Home Improvement Shows

TypeDescriptionExample Show
DIYShowcases homeowners tackling renovations themselves“Property Brothers”
Expert-ledFeatures skilled professionals completing major renovations“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”
GardeningFocused on creating beautiful outdoor spaces and landscapes“Love Your Garden”
Design-basedHighlights the latest trends in interior decor and design“Fixer Upper”

With such diverse options, home improvement shows cater to a wide range of viewers, whether they are looking for practical tips and inspiration or simply enjoy watching the creative process unfold. These shows continue to evolve, incorporating new ideas and formats to stay relevant and capture the imagination of audiences. They have become a valuable resource for homeowners and enthusiasts alike, revolutionizing the way we approach home renovations and decoration.

A look behind the scenes

Home improvement shows have become a staple on television, captivating audiences with their transformations, expert advice, and entertaining hosts. While viewers eagerly tune in to watch the final reveal of a beautifully renovated home or gather tips for their own projects, few may realize the intricate process behind the creation of these shows. In this section, we will take a look behind the scenes and explore how home improvement shows are made and produced.

The Production Team

Behind every successful home improvement show is a dedicated production team that brings the vision to life. This team typically includes producers, directors, camerapersons, editors, and more. The producers and directors work closely with homeowners or clients to understand their renovation goals and create a compelling narrative for the show. Camerapersons capture each step of the renovation process while editors combine these shots to create a seamless storyline.

The Role of Hosts

One of the defining features of home improvement shows is the charismatic host who guides viewers through each episode. These hosts are often experts in their respective fields such as interior design or construction. They play an essential role in not only providing valuable knowledge but also engaging with the audience.

Hosts often interact with homeowners or clients, offering suggestions and explaining design choices. Their expertise combined with their on-screen personality adds an element of entertainment that keeps viewers hooked.

The Challenge of Time Constraints

One aspect that sets home improvement shows apart from other genres is the time constraint within which renovations must be completed. Viewers witness large-scale projects being done in what seems like record time, but it’s important to note that these quick turnarounds are carefully planned by production teams. To achieve this feat, crews often work around the clock and use creative editing techniques to condense weeks or months into a single episode.

The impact of home improvement shows on the industry

Home improvement shows on TV have had a significant impact on the industry, shaping the way we renovate and decorate our homes. These shows have transformed the home improvement landscape and influenced trends in design, construction methods, and DIY projects. In this section, we will explore the profound effect that home improvement shows have had on the industry.

Changing Design Trends

One of the most apparent impacts of home improvement shows is their influence on design trends. Shows like “Property Brothers” and “Fixer Upper” have popularized certain styles, such as farmhouse chic and open-concept living spaces. Viewers are often inspired by the creative designs showcased on these programs and seek to replicate them in their own homes. As a result, manufacturers and retailers have responded by offering products and materials that align with these popular design aesthetics.

Increased Interest in DIY Projects

Home improvement shows have also sparked a renewed interest in do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Shows like “This Old House” and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” feature segments where homeowners take an active role in renovations, empowering viewers to tackle their own projects.

This has led to a surge in individuals attempting DIY repairs, renovations, and decorating projects. Home improvement stores have responded by expanding their range of DIY-friendly products and providing resources such as tutorials and workshops to assist novice DIYers.

Improved Accessibility of Information

Prior to the rise of home improvement shows, obtaining information about construction techniques or interior design required extensive research or professional consultation. However, these shows have democratized access to valuable information by showcasing step-by-step processes and expert advice.

Viewers can now learn about various renovation techniques, sustainable building practices, or even unconventional decorating ideas from the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, many shows provide online resources including websites or social media accounts where viewers can access additional content related to each episode.

Where to find home improvement shows on TV

One of the reasons for the enduring popularity of home improvement shows is the accessibility of these programs on television. With numerous channels and networks dedicated to this genre, fans of home improvement can easily find their favorite shows to watch. Here is a comprehensive guide to where you can find home improvement shows on TV.

Mainstream Channels and Networks

Home improvement shows are widely available on mainstream channels and networks. Networks such as HGTV, DIY Network, and TLC have become household names when it comes to home renovation and design programming. These channels offer a wide range of shows, from expert-led renovations to DIY projects, catering to different interests and preferences.

HGTV, or Home & Garden Television, is one of the most popular networks for home improvement enthusiasts. This network features a lineup of engaging shows like “Fixer Upper,” “Property Brothers,” and “Love It or List It.” HGTV showcases various styles of renovations and design ideas, providing viewers with inspiration for their own homes.

The DIY Network is another go-to channel for those who love to get their hands dirty with do-it-yourself projects. Shows like “Yard Crashers” and “Desperate Landscapes” take viewers through different outdoor renovation projects that demonstrate what can be achieved with some creativity and hard work.

Streaming Platforms

In addition to traditional TV channels, many home improvement shows are also available on streaming platforms. Streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video offer a wide selection of popular home improvement programs that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

For instance, Netflix offers binge-worthy favorites such as “Queer Eye,” where a team of experts transform people’s lives through fashion makeovers and home renovations. Amazon Prime Video provides access to classic remodeling series such as “This Old House,” which has been airing since 1979 and has become an iconic show in the genre.

With the advent of streaming platforms, viewers have more flexibility and convenience when it comes to watching their favorite home improvement shows. Whether you prefer the linear schedule of traditional TV or the on-demand availability of streaming services, there are plenty of options to choose from.

By knowing where to find home improvement shows on TV, you can ensure that you never miss an episode of your favorite program. With a variety of channels and networks dedicated to this genre, as well as the availability of streaming platforms, accessing these shows has never been easier. So grab your popcorn and get ready for some remodeling inspiration right in the comfort of your own living room.

When does Home Improvement come on TV

Home Improvement, the beloved sitcom that aired from 1991 to 1999, continues to captivate audiences with its comedic genius and relatable family dynamics. For those who are eager to catch the show on TV, it’s important to know the airing times, dates, and platforms on which it can be found. This section will provide a comprehensive guide for fans of Home Improvement.

Airing Times and Dates

Home Improvement can be found on various networks and channels, making it easily accessible for viewers. The show is primarily aired in syndication, meaning that it is broadcasted on different stations at different times. This gives fans the flexibility to watch their favorite episodes whenever it fits into their schedule. While specific airing times and dates may vary depending on your location and local TV listings, Home Improvement can typically be found during daytime or late-night time slots.

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In addition to traditional television broadcasting, Home Improvement is also available on various streaming platforms. Many fans enjoy the convenience of being able to access their favorite episodes anytime, anywhere. One popular platform where you can stream Home Improvement is Hulu. By subscribing to Hulu, you can binge-watch all eight seasons of the show at your own pace.

Other streaming services may also offer Home Improvement as part of their lineup. It’s recommended to check with individual platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video for availability in your region. Additionally, some networks may have their own streaming apps or websites that allow you to watch episodes of Home Improvement online.

Keeping up with when Home Improvement airs on TV doesn’t have to be a challenge with the wide range of options available today. From multiple networks during syndication to streaming platforms like Hulu, fans can find their favorite sitcom anytime they want a dose of laughter from Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor and his bumbling antics. So gather your tools and get ready to watch Home Improvement whenever it suits you.

Staying up-to-date

With so many home improvement shows on TV, it can be difficult to keep track of when your favorite shows are airing. Fortunately, there are several ways to stay up-to-date and never miss an episode.

  1. Create a viewing schedule: One of the simplest ways to stay on top of your favorite home improvement shows is to create a viewing schedule. Take note of the days and times that each show airs and mark them in your calendar or set reminders on your phone. This way, you won’t forget when a new episode is coming up.
  2. Set recording reminders: If you have a DVR or streaming service that allows you to record shows, take advantage of this feature. Set up reminders to record your favorite home improvement shows so you can watch them at your convenience. This is especially helpful if the show airs during a time when you’re unable to watch it live.
  3. Follow social media accounts: Many home improvement shows have official social media accounts where they post updates about upcoming episodes and air dates. Follow these accounts on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stay informed about when new episodes will air. Additionally, some hosts or personalities may also have their own social media presence where they share behind-the-scenes content and updates.
  4. Subscribe to email newsletters: Some TV networks or streaming platforms offer email newsletters that provide updates on upcoming shows and episodes. Consider subscribing to these newsletters so that important information lands directly in your inbox.

Remember, staying up-to-date might also mean being flexible with how you consume content. In addition to traditional broadcast TV channels, many home improvement shows can be streamed online through various platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video. By using these tips and being proactive in seeking out information about your favorite home improvement shows, you’ll never miss an episode again.

The future of home improvement shows

As home improvement shows continue to captivate audiences around the world, it is only natural to speculate about the future of this popular genre. With advancements in technology and changing viewing habits, there are several predictions for the direction that home improvement shows may take in the coming years.

One major trend that is expected to shape the future of home improvement shows is the incorporation of virtual and augmented reality. These technologies have already made their way into various industries, and it is likely that they will be utilized in home improvement shows as well.

Viewers will have the opportunity to virtually walk through renovated spaces and visualize different design options before making any changes to their own homes. This immersive experience will not only engage audiences but also provide them with a practical tool for planning their own renovations.

Another prediction for the future of home improvement shows is the increasing focus on sustainability and eco-friendly design. As awareness about climate change and environmental issues grows, homeowners are becoming more conscious of their impact on the planet.

Home improvement shows can play a crucial role in promoting sustainable practices by showcasing energy-efficient renovations, repurposing materials, and incorporating environmentally friendly design elements. By highlighting these eco-conscious choices, these shows can inspire viewers to make similar choices in their own homes.

Additionally, as society becomes more diverse and inclusive, there is an opportunity for home improvement shows to reflect this change by featuring a wider range of voices and perspectives. This includes not only diversifying the hosts but also showcasing different cultural influences in design and providing resources for viewers with varying budgets. Incorporating diversity into home improvement shows will not only make them more relatable but also allow for more creativity and innovation in design ideas.

Virtual and augmented realityIncorporation of these technologies to provide immersive experiences for viewers, allowing them to visualize renovations before making changes to their own homes.
Sustainability and eco-friendly designA focus on showcasing energy-efficient renovations, repurposing materials, and incorporating environmentally friendly design elements to promote sustainable practices.
Diversity and inclusionShowcasing a wider range of voices, perspectives, and cultural influences in design, as well as providing resources for viewers with varying budgets.


In conclusion, home improvement shows have not only captured the attention of viewers, but they have also had a significant impact on the industry. These shows provide inspiration and ideas for renovations and decorating, making it easier for homeowners to bring their vision to life. The popularity of these shows can be attributed to the fact that they offer a unique blend of entertainment and education, appealing to a wide range of viewers.

Over the years, home improvement shows have evolved and adapted to meet the changing needs and preferences of their audience. From classic shows that focused on DIY projects to modern favorites that showcase expert-led renovations, there is something for everyone. This variety allows viewers to find shows that align with their interests and skill levels, making it all the more appealing.

Furthermore, the production behind home improvement shows plays a crucial role in their success. The behind-the-scenes efforts contribute to creating an engaging and informative experience for viewers. Whether it’s through highlighting innovative design ideas or documenting challenging renovation projects, these shows offer a glimpse into the process involved in transforming spaces.

Looking ahead, we can expect home improvement shows to continue influencing how people renovate and decorate their homes. With advancements in technology and changing consumer trends, these shows will likely adapt to new formats and platforms. As our homes become even more important havens for comfort and self-expression, the demand for quality home improvement content will persist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What TV channel is Home Improvement on?

Home Improvement originally aired on the ABC network in the United States. However, it is important to note that since its original run, the show has entered syndication and can be found on various TV channels depending on your location and cable/satellite provider.

In some regions, you may find Home Improvement being broadcasted on channels such as Nick at Nite or TV Land.

Is Home Improvement on TV anymore?

As of now, Home Improvement is no longer producing new episodes as it concluded its original run back in 1999 after eight successful seasons. However, due to its enduring popularity, the show continues to have a presence on television through syndicated reruns.

Many fans can still enjoy watching Tim “The Toolman” Taylor’s misadventures by catching episodes of Home Improvement on various TV channels across different time slots.

What day was Home Improvement on TV?

During its original run from 1991 to 1999, Home Improvement had a changing schedule when it came to specific airing days. In its early seasons, the show aired on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM Eastern Time; later moving to Wednesdays at 9:00 PM ET for its six and seventh seasons.

Finally, for its eighth and final season, Home Improvement settled into its last time slot of Thursdays at 8:00 PM ET. This allowed viewers to make a weekly appointment with their favorite sitcom and enjoy laughs with the Taylor family right before the weekend kicked off.

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