How Many Home Improvent Shows Have the Scott Brothers Done

The Scott Brothers, comprised of identical twins Drew and Jonathan Scott, have become household names in the home improvement industry. With their charismatic personalities, extensive knowledge in real estate, and impressive renovation skills, the duo has risen to fame through a number of successful home improvement shows.

From their hit series “Property Brothers” to their personal ventures in “Property Brothers at Home,” the Scott Brothers have captivated audiences with their expertise and creativity. In this article, we will delve into the success story of the Scott Brothers, exploring their rise to stardom and the multitude of home improvement shows they have been involved in.

Drew and Jonathan Scott started their careers in real estate before breaking into television. Their unique combination of skills as real estate agents, contractors, designers, and TV hosts has allowed them to stand out in an industry saturated with countless renovation shows. The Scott Brothers’ ability to find hidden potentials in neglected properties and transform them into dream homes on a budget has resonated with audiences worldwide.

One of the most notable achievements of the Scott Brothers is their widely popular show “Property Brothers.” This series follows Drew as the real estate agent who helps families find houses with great potential but need renovations while Jonathan takes on the role of contractor/designer who transforms these fixer-uppers into stunning masterpieces. With each episode presenting new challenges and surprises, viewers have been drawn to the brothers’ innovative solutions and entertaining banter.

As we explore further into this article, we will take an inside look at other successful home improvement shows by the Scott Brothers such as “Buying and Selling” and “Brother vs. Brother.” Additionally, we will uncover how many home improvement shows they have done throughout their career so far. Join us as we unveil the impressive portfolio of these talented brothers who have made a significant impact on the home improvement industry.

A Brief History of the Scott Brothers’ Career

The Scott Brothers, Jonathan and Drew, have become household names in the home improvement industry. Before their rise to television stardom, they started their career in real estate. Both brothers were licensed agents and worked together as partners for many years. Their expertise in buying and renovating properties led them to create a successful business.

Real Estate Ventures

The Scott Brothers began by flipping houses, buying rundown properties, renovating them, and then selling them for a profit. They quickly gained a reputation for their ability to transform dilapidated homes into stunning living spaces. Their attention to detail, design skills, and construction knowledge set them apart from other real estate investors.

Their success in the real estate market caught the attention of producers at HGTV and led to their first television appearance on the show “Property Brothers”. This launched their careers as television personalities and propelled them to stardom within the home improvement industry.

A Rising Star: “Property Brothers”

“Property Brothers” is perhaps the most well-known show starring the Scott Brothers. The series follows Jonathan, a licensed contractor with expertise in construction and renovation, and Drew, a skilled realtor who helps families find their dream homes within their budget.

On each episode of “Property Brothers”, Jonathan and Drew work together to help families purchase a fixer-upper property that is well below market value. Jonathan then transforms the outdated house into a stunning home while staying within the family’s budget constraints. Meanwhile, Drew searches for potential buyers for their current house so that they can afford the renovations on their new property.

This unique concept of finding affordable homes with great potential has resonated with audiences worldwide, making “Property Brothers” one of HGTV’s highest-rated shows. The success of this series has not only made the Scott Brothers household names but has also cemented their position as leading experts in home renovations.

Expanding Their Reach: “Buying and Selling”

After the success of “Property Brothers”, the Scott Brothers introduced another show called “Buying and Selling”. This series focuses on helping homeowners who are looking to sell their current house and move into a new property. Jonathan assists in renovating and updating their existing home to increase its value, while Drew helps them find a new house that meets their needs and budget.

“Buying and Selling” showcases the brothers’ ability to transform outdated properties into modern, marketable homes. By making strategic renovations, they enable sellers to maximize their profits and attract potential buyers. This show has resonated with viewers who are considering selling their homes or looking for valuable tips on improving their own properties.

From humble beginnings in the real estate industry to becoming renowned television personalities, the Scott Brothers have made an indelible mark on the home improvement world. Through their shows like “Property Brothers” and “Buying and Selling”, they have shared their expertise and knowledge with audiences around the globe.

Their passion for transforming houses into dream homes has not only brought joy to countless families but has also revolutionized the way people view home renovation. The Scott Brothers continue to inspire aspiring homeowners, real estate enthusiasts, and DIY enthusiasts alike.

The Hit Show “Property Brothers”

One of the most well-known and beloved home improvement shows featuring the Scott Brothers is “Property Brothers.” The series first premiered in 2011 and quickly gained a massive following. In each episode, twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott help couples find a fixer-upper property and transform it into their dream home within their budget.

The success of “Property Brothers” can be attributed to various factors. Firstly, the charisma and expertise of the Scott Brothers themselves have won over audiences worldwide. Drew, a licensed real estate agent, assists homeowners in finding properties that suit their needs and budget. Meanwhile, Jonathan, a licensed contractor with extensive experience in renovations, oversees transforming these properties into stunning residences.

Another compelling aspect of “Property Brothers” is the before-and-after transformations. Viewers are captivated by witnessing rundown houses undergo incredible makeovers while still staying true to the homeowners’ visions. The show’s impeccable design choices combined with practical renovations make for awe-inspiring results.

Furthermore, one unique feature of “Property Brothers” is its emphasis on education and providing valuable tips to viewers. Throughout each episode, Drew and Jonathan offer insights into real estate deals, renovation challenges, and cost-saving techniques. This not only entertains but also educates viewers who may be considering their own home improvement projects.

“Property Brothers” has become an iconic show in the home renovation genre due to its relatability and authenticity. The Scott Brothers’ genuine desire to help families achieve their dream homes shines through every episode, making them relatable figures that viewers find trustworthy and inspiring. The enormous popularity of “Property Brothers” has resulted in multiple spin-offs and has solidified the Scott Brothers’ place as influential figures in the home improvement industry.

“Buying and Selling”

One of the most successful and popular home improvement shows featuring the Scott Brothers is “Buying and Selling.” This show, which premiered in 2012, follows Drew and Jonathan Scott as they help homeowners sell their current property and find a new one. With their expertise in both real estate and home renovations, the Scott Brothers offer valuable advice to clients who are looking to maximize their profits in the housing market.

In each episode of “Buying and Selling,” Drew works closely with clients to sell their existing home for top dollar. He provides guidance on staging, pricing, and marketing strategies to attract potential buyers. Meanwhile, Jonathan takes on the challenge of finding a new property within the clients’ budget and renovating it to meet their specific needs and desires.

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The format of “Buying and Selling” allows viewers to witness firsthand the transformation of both the clients’ old home and their new one. Through stunning before-and-after transformations, audiences can see how the Scott Brothers create beautiful spaces that not only increase the value of properties but also enhance homeowners’ quality of life.

To give you a better idea of what to expect from “Buying and Selling,” here are some notable features of the show:

  • Insightful Real Estate Advice: Drew provides valuable tips on effective selling techniques, such as decluttering, depersonalizing, and creating curb appeal. He also shares his knowledge on navigating negotiations with potential buyers.
  • Impressive Renovation Projects: Jonathan showcases his talent for transforming outdated or neglected spaces into stylish havens. From kitchen remodels to bathroom makeovers, he demonstrates the importance of functional design elements combined with aesthetics.
  • Emotional Connections: The Scott Brothers establish personal connections with each client by understanding their unique circumstances and aspirations. They work closely with homeowners throughout the entire buying, selling, and renovation process to ensure that every decision serves their best interests.

By offering viewers an inside look into the process of buying and selling homes, the Scott Brothers inspire and educate homeowners who are embarking on their own real estate journeys. “Buying and Selling” serves as a valuable resource for those looking to renovate their existing homes for a successful sale or find their dream home within their budget. With each episode, Drew and Jonathan’s expertise shines through, solidifying their reputation as industry leaders in real estate and home improvement.

“Brother vs. Brother”

One of the most beloved shows featuring the Scott brothers is “Brother vs. Brother”. This series takes the excitement of home renovation to a whole new level by pitting Jonathan against Drew in a friendly competition. Each brother is given a budget and tasked with renovating a property, but there’s a twist – they must also compete against each other for added challenges and surprises.

The format of “Brother vs. Brother” adds an element of competition and excitement that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Not only do audiences get to witness stunning transformations, but they also have the opportunity to see how Jonathan and Drew handle pressure and showcase their unique skills when faced with unpredictable obstacles.

Throughout the show, viewers are not only entertained but also educated about various home improvement techniques and design trends. The Scott brothers strive to create spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, demonstrating their expertise in all aspects of home renovation.

To keep track of each challenge, the show utilizes a scoring system where judges evaluate different elements such as design, creativity, functionality, and overall appeal. At the end of each episode, one brother is declared the winner while the other graciously accepts defeat. However, despite the competition, it is evident that Jonathan and Drew have an unbreakable bond as brothers that surpasses any rivalry on-screen.

If you’re looking for a fascinating twist on traditional home renovation shows or simply enjoy witnessing sibling banter turned into friendly competition, “Brother vs. Brother” is definitely worth watching. Join millions of fans who eagerly await each episode to see which brother will come out on top in this thrilling showdown of skill and creativity.

  • Exciting home renovation competition between Jonathan and Drew
  • Unique challenges throughout each episode
  • Educational segments showcasing different home improvement techniques and design trends
  • Scoring system to evaluate designs
  • Showcasing bond between the brothers

“Property Brothers at Home”

In addition to their popular home improvement shows, the Scott Brothers have also given audiences a glimpse into their personal lives and own home renovations through their show “Property Brothers at Home.” This spin-off series follows Drew and Jonathan as they renovate their own homes, sharing their personal design choices, challenges, and successes along the way.

Unlike their other shows which focus on transforming other people’s homes, “Property Brothers at Home” allows viewers to see a different side of the Scott Brothers. Through this show, audiences get to witness the brothers’ creative process when it comes to designing and renovating spaces that hold a special meaning for them.

Throughout the episodes, Drew and Jonathan tackle various projects such as kitchen remodels, backyard transformations, and even building custom features like wine cellars. They incorporate unique elements that reflect their individual personalities and tastes while also staying true to the principles of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

While showcasing their own home renovations, “Property Brothers at Home” also provides helpful tips and insights that viewers can apply when planning their own projects. From budget management to choosing materials and finishes, the show offers valuable information that is applicable in real-life scenarios.

Overall, “Property Brothers at Home” serves as an exciting opportunity for fans of the Scott Brothers to see them in a different light. By sharing their own personal renovation journeys, Drew and Jonathan not only inspire viewers but also empower them to transform their own spaces with creativity and confidence.

EpisodeMain ProjectAdditional Features
Season 1: Episode 1Kitchen RemodelCustom-built wine cellar
Season 2: Episode 3Backyard TransformationOutdoor kitchen and entertaining area
Season 3: Episode 2Master Bedroom SuiteWalk-in closet and luxury en-suite bathroom

Other Notable Home Improvement Shows by the Scott Brothers

Brother vs. Brother: The Ultimate Home Renovation Competition

One of the notable home improvement shows by the Scott Brothers is “Brother vs. Brother.” This series takes a unique twist on home renovation competitions as it features Jonathan and Drew competing against each other. In each episode, the brothers are given a budget to transform different properties, ranging from outdated houses to dilapidated estates. They are tasked with renovating these homes in an effort to increase their value, while also adhering to strict deadlines.

This show not only provides entertaining competition but also showcases the expertise of the Scott Brothers in various aspects of home improvement. From choosing the right materials and designs to managing budgets and timelines efficiently, viewers get an inside look into their decision-making process. As a result, “Brother vs. Brother” not only educates homeowners about home improvement possibilities but also inspires them to take on new projects on their own.

Property Brothers at Home: The Personal Side of the Scott Brothers’

Another fascinating show by the Scott Brothers is “Property Brothers at Home.” In this series, Jonathan and Drew invite viewers into their personal lives as they renovate their own homes. The audience gets an opportunity to see a more intimate side of the brothers’ lives as they navigate through their own home improvement challenges.

“Property Brothers at Home” offers a unique perspective as it focuses on not just designing beautiful spaces but also creating functional living spaces that reflect their individual personalities. The show highlights how even experts encounter obstacles during the renovation process and demonstrates valuable problem-solving skills that can benefit viewers in their own projects.

Forever Home: Designing Dream Spaces That Grow with Families

The Scott Brothers’ “Forever Home” is another noteworthy addition to their diverse portfolio of home improvement shows. This series centers around helping families create forever homes where they can thrive for years to come. The Scott Brothers work closely with families, listening to their needs, and designing spaces that can adapt as their lifestyles change.

“Forever Home” brings a fresh perspective to home improvement by emphasizing long-term functionality and practicality while maintaining stylish aesthetics. The show aims to inspire homeowners to think beyond immediate trends and instead focus on creating spaces that can evolve with them over time.

Property Brothers: Forever Home Bonus Rooms

A spin-off of the popular “Forever Home” series is “Property Brothers: Forever Home Bonus Room.” This show highlights the Scott Brothers’ expertise in transforming unused or underutilized spaces into functional bonus rooms. From creating stunning home offices to converting basements into entertaining areas, each episode showcases how these once-neglected areas can become valuable assets for homeowners.

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By illustrating innovative utilization of space and showcasing versatile designs, “Property Brothers: Forever Home Bonus Room” encourages viewers to reconsider neglected areas in their own homes. This show invites homeowners to think creatively about how they can maximize every square foot of their property and create personalized spaces that add value both functionally and aesthetically.

With such a diverse portfolio of home improvement shows, the Scott Brothers have proven themselves as experts in the industry. Whether competing against each other, renovating their own homes, or helping others transform their living spaces, these shows highlight their passion for design and willingness to share their knowledge with others. Their various television endeavors have allowed them to inspire countless individuals while leaving a lasting impact on the home improvement world.

Exceeding Limits

As one of the most well-known duos in the home improvement industry, the Scott Brothers have unleashed an impressive array of television shows that have captured the hearts of viewers around the world. Their charismatic personalities, keen eye for design, and exceptional renovation skills have propelled them to great success. But just how many home improvement shows have the Scott Brothers done?

To say that the Scott Brothers have been prolific in their television career would be an understatement. With a passion for real estate and a talent for transforming properties into stunning masterpieces, they have hosted numerous hit shows over the years. In fact, they have been involved in a staggering six different home improvement series.

Their flagship show, “Property Brothers,” remains one of their most popular and beloved series. This groundbreaking show follows Drew and Jonathan as they take prospective buyers on a journey to find their dream home which needs a little love and attention. The brothers then work their magic to transform these dated houses into stunning, customized spaces that exceed expectations.

In addition to “Property Brothers,” fans are also treated to other successful shows featuring the dynamic duo. “Buying and Selling” delves into the world of listings where homeowners put their current house on the market while simultaneously searching for their new dream home. Meanwhile, “Brother vs. Brother” introduces an entertaining twist with a competitive element as Drew and Jonathan go head-to-head in renovation challenges.

Furthermore, viewers get a glimpse into Drew and Jonathan’s personal lives in “Property Brothers at Home.” This series takes us behind-the-scenes as the brothers renovate their own properties together while juggling their busy schedules.

With such an impressive portfolio under their belts, it is safe to say that the Scott Brothers show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Their dedication to quality renovations, impeccable design choices, and genuine camaraderie continues to resonate with audiences across various platforms. The impact they have made on the home improvement industry is undeniable, and their legacy will certainly endure.

The Impact of the Scott Brothers in the Home Improvement Industry

The Scott Brothers, Jonathan and Drew, have made a significant impact on the home improvement industry through their various television shows and their unique approach to renovation. Their influence can be seen in the countless individuals who have been inspired by their work and in the lasting legacy they have created.

One of the ways in which the Scott Brothers have influenced the home improvement industry is through their emphasis on renovation as a means of creating dream homes. Through their shows, they have demonstrated that with a little creativity and hard work, anyone can transform a run-down house into a beautiful and functional space. Their ability to see potential in even the most dilapidated properties has inspired countless viewers to take on their own renovation projects.

Another aspect of the Scott Brothers’ influence lies in their commitment to making sustainable design choices. They have consistently advocated for using eco-friendly materials and implementing energy-efficient solutions in all of their renovations. By prioritizing sustainability, they have not only reduced the environmental impact of their projects but have also educated viewers on how they too can make environmentally conscious choices when renovating their own homes.

In addition to their influence, the Scott Brothers’ legacy is characterized by their dedication to giving back. Throughout their career, they have used their platform to raise awareness for various charitable causes and actively participate in philanthropic endeavors. From building homes for families in need to supporting local communities, the Scott Brothers’ commitment to making a positive difference is an integral part of their legacy.


In conclusion, the Scott Brothers have proven to be a driving force in the home improvement industry. With their talent, charisma, and dedication to their craft, they have become household names across the globe. From their start in real estate to their transition into television stardom, the Scott Brothers have built an impressive career that spans multiple successful home improvement shows.

Their hit show “Property Brothers” has captivated audiences with its unique concept of combining real estate and renovation expertise. Viewers get an inside look at the transformation of rundown properties into dream homes, all while learning valuable tips and tricks along the way. The success of “Property Brothers” led to the creation of other equally popular shows such as “Buying and Selling,” where they assist homeowners in selling their current property and purchasing a new one.

One of the most captivating aspects of the Scott Brothers’ shows is their ability to inject fun and excitement into every project. Through competitions like “Brother vs. Brother,” viewers are not only entertained but also inspired by their creativity and unwavering determination to exceed expectations. Additionally, “Property Brothers at Home” gives viewers a glimpse into their own personal renovations, showcasing their passion for design and craftmanship.

With each new show they create, the Scott Brothers continue to push boundaries and exceed limits in the home improvement world. Their diverse portfolio displays an incredible range of talent and expertise, proving that they are more than just hosts – they are true visionaries in this industry.

Overall, it is evident that the Scott Brothers have made a lasting impact on the home improvement industry. Their influence can be seen not only through their successful television shows but also through their dedicated fan base that looks up to them for inspiration and guidance when it comes to renovating or buying/selling properties.

Their legacy will undoubtedly continue to grow as they pave the way for future generations of home improvement enthusiasts. The Scott Brothers’ continual success serves as a testament to their unwavering passion and commitment to making houses into homes, ultimately leaving a lasting impact on the world of home improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What shows have the Property Brothers done?

The Property Brothers, also known as Drew and Jonathan Scott, have appeared in several different television shows throughout their careers. One of their most popular shows is “Property Brothers,” where they help couples find, purchase, and renovate fixer-upper homes.

In each episode, they use their expertise in real estate and construction to transform these houses into the dream homes their clients envision. Additionally, they have done spin-off shows like “Buying and Selling,” where they assist homeowners who want to sell their current property and purchase a new one.

Are the Property Brothers doing any more shows?

Yes, the Property Brothers are currently involved in new projects and continue to do more shows. Over the years, they have become beloved figures in the home renovation genre and have attracted a significant following. As a result, networks have continued to collaborate with them on different series that showcase their skills and personalities.

They also incorporate elements like design challenges or celebrity guests to keep the content fresh and engaging for viewers. This allows fans of the Property Brothers to enjoy their energetic dynamic on various platforms.

How much of the renovation do the Property Brothers actually do?

While it may appear that the Property Brothers handle all aspects of renovation projects shown on their television programs, they actually don’t do all of the physical work themselves. Drew and Jonathan Scott are experts in residential construction and real estate, but they often collaborate with a team of skilled professionals to execute the renovations showcased on screen efficiently.

This team includes contractors, designers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other specialists who bring the brothers’ visions to life. While Drew primarily focuses on helping clients find suitable properties within budget constraints, Jonathan leads most of the renovation process by overseeing contractors’ work and making design decisions alongside homeowners.

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